Biography of

Boris Usherovich

Boris Usherovich was born April 15, 1972 into an ordinary family in the center of Moscow. The family valued simple principles such as hard work, responsibility, and mutual assistance.


Boris Usherovich enrolled at the University of Economics. At the university, he actively participated in student life, immersing himself not only in his studies but also in student organizations and projects.


Given the acute shortage of computers and other electronics in Russia, Boris Efimovich decided to focus on importing modern technological solutions from various countries. In his initial ventures into the electronics import business, Boris Efimovich established partnerships with reliable global suppliers. In a short time, under his leadership, the company became renowned in the electronics sector, offering a wide range of imported products.

Since the 2000s, he developed an interest in construction in the railway sector. Boris Usherovich created a company specializing in the construction and maintenance of railway lines, investing in expanding the list of services provided. Subsequently, he focused on integrated solutions in the field of railway construction and maintenance.

Since 2014, Boris Usherovich has been a shareholder of the 1520 Group of Companies. Now, the 1520 Group of Companies is one of the largest Russian industrial and construction holdings in the field of designing and constructing railways and associated infrastructure. The primary activities of the 1520 Group of Companies include complex construction, reconstruction, and overhaul of railway infrastructure facilities, design and survey work, production of structures, assemblies, and parts, as well as the construction and maintenance of highways.

In 2018, a politically biased case was opened against Boris Usherovich, forcing him to leave Russia. Since 2018, he has been operating in the European Union.

Public Life

He is the ideological inspiration behind the creation of the crowdfunding project, where authors of creative, social, scientific, and business projects raise funds for their initiatives. Personally, he has repeatedly sponsored social initiatives on the platform.


Organizations belonging to the 1520 Group of companies participate in social and charitable initiatives. In addition to actively supporting educational and social projects of the 1520 Group of Companies, he also shows interest in the development of sports and physical activity through sponsorship of football clubs. Boris Usherovich has become a sponsor of a local football team in Moscow. His investments are not limited only to the financial support of the club but also include participation in events and social programs aimed at developing youth football and supporting talented athletes. Boris Usherovich’s charitable contributions are aimed not only at creating a modern training base and providing the team with the necessary inventory and equipment but also at supporting children and youth from low-income families.

Personal Life

Boris Usherovich is a devoted family man. He brings up his children by sharing with them the same values that he inherited from his parents. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his family, arrange picnics, and travel, trying to share his accumulated experience with his loved ones.